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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Battle of the Mind Games

Geez. I thought that sudoku was the absolute love of my life. I have books about it, electronic devices, board games, and online features of it. I am a sudoku nut, or at least I was. I guess you could say I've stored those memories in another part of my life. I have found another time-consumer for my days. Mah Jong!!! I think that's how you spell it. Kind of sad how I don't even know how, huh? I have it downloaded on my computer, and now I play it like crazy. Somebody help me, I think I'm addicted. But in my defense, this is better then being hooked on drugs and stuff, right? RIGHT? I simply can't help it. I find it so enjoyable. Maybe I'm a nut altogether. I think I think too much. I'd better go now. I have to play Mahjong while watching Bring It On. Can I help it if I happen to like this chick-flicky type of thing?

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Michele said...

My hubbie and his entire family are addicted to sudoku. They will actually sit at the dinner table playing sudoku and never look up! I guess I should start playing so I'll know what all the fuss is about.