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Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Only Getting Greener And Greener

It is so hot here. I am going nuts. Maybe not to other people, but I am still insanely jealous. She should be landing in Alaska in only a couple of hours, unless she was delayed, which I hope didn't happen. I still wish I was in her shoes right now. I feel like blubbering like a baby. Not really. I'm just really exaggerating things. But I really am jealous. I mean seriously, Friday night, nothing to do, I know someone who is going to be in Alaska in a few hours! Anybody have nay advice for somebody who needs her brown-eyed world back? No matter how boring it may be?I really need to get rid of this jealousy deal. I need to stop saying the word jealous or jealously or anything else having to do with jealous things. I'm going to drink an entire bottle of water just to keep my mouth shut, not like it was open, but I could have been saying the words out loud as I type them. I think I'm going to also play mahjong. Anything to get me in some zone that I won't be able to get myself out of.

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