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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Two Things Coming At You

What I mean by the title, is that there are two things I would like to tell you. First off, I saw another accident. They seem to pop out wherever I am! Did I do something bad? It appeared as if a car had ran into the car in front of it. It was right by a freeway on-ramp. I even saw a little twig catching fire. It was so small, though, that I could have put it out by stomping on it, so not to worry. There were paramedics, and police cars. Maybe I should stay inside for a while. I feel as if I am the cause to so many of these.
On A completely different note, Philippine inmates are rocking youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am from the Philippines, which is why I am so proud of them. Even more so, the jail that this is taking place, is where I was born, Cebu! They take all of those in their prisons, and they do dances to many songs. They are all in uniformed orange, and since there are so many of them, it looks really cool. They have songs like Thriller(Michael Jackson), Bebot(Black Eyed Peas) and the Village People. So I encourage you to check them out on youtube. Just type in Inmates. You can see men and woman each doing their own individual acts. It's part of their morning workout. The woman even do Sister Act. Please check them out, and I hope you enjoy them. Thanks. Filipino Pride!

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