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Friday, August 17, 2007

Green Eyed Monster

Just as I left for Alaska earlier in the summer, my next-door neighbor just left, moments ago to go to Alaska, also. She was such a good sport when I left. Why can't I be a good sport now that she is gone? I am so jealous of her. I know I had my turn, but still. I would love to go back right this very minute. I miss the stinging coolness in the air. The wonderful scenery that is a photographer's dream job. The was the evergreens reflected themselves perfectly onto the lakes. Everything there was so calming and relaxing. My family and I even agree, that we had more fun there than when we went to Hawaii last summer.

I can feel my eyes evolving into a horrid shade of green as I think about how much fun she will be having. If only I could go with her, right? I never wanted my vacation to end. But I guess everything does eventually. Pretty soon, she'll be on a plane, and then she'll be having fun. I wan to have fun. I sound like such a brat. I don't wish her bad luck, I could...I would never do that, I just wish that I could be having even a pinch of fun. I need fun!

She has agreed to take in one of our fish. An orange fantail goldfish. I guess you could call it a larger version of what I choose to keep. I will be reserving that fish for her, and when she gets back, I will help them transfer it into their tank. Well, bowl really. She has a pretty navy blue beta right now. I have never seen such a gorgeous tail. It is absolutely wonderful looking. One fish down, many more to go. I had better do something else to get my mind off of..ooh! I just heard a text coming in on my phone. One moment please. Hi back. It was just friend saying hi, and telling me about another one of her friends. Really exciting, right? Gotta go enjoy my Alaska-free life. *sigh. Thanks for reading everybody. I really appreciate it. I got another text. Man. . . .


Chris Goeppner said...

ellie, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! this is a wonderful world on connecting and peeking into the lives of people from all over the word. nice blog. keep it up and stop by often.
chris (life & times)

Anonymous said...

I took a look around your cute little blog..I like. Thanks for stopping by!


Dog Luver said...

carfull u dodnt put the betta with ANY diffewrent fish not even another betta!(they kill them by "chinese fighting" )and becarefull with the goldfish. they are VERY sensitive to water change (i learned that the hard way).