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Monday, August 20, 2007

More Adventures Of Spikey And Mister

I had them both in my bedroom. I was just spending some quality time with them. Both were perched next to each other, talking to their reflection in the mirror. Too cute. I noticed that Spikey was getting a little antsy, like he wanted to go on another one of his flying marathons. I brought him onto my bed, and soon after, Mister was also there. Spikey explored the light blue comforter, and hopped onto the wooden shelves attached to my head rest. He found a little photo holder that had soft spikes coming out from its sides. He was instantly attracted to it. As he battled with his new found toy, Mister watched him, too afraid to hop onto unknown territory.
I flopped down to watch a little television, let them enjoy themselves. This was their first time on my bed. Before I knew it, they were up on my pillow again. I grabbed a stick-like cracker and stuck it into my mouth. They are very sweet, and they taste delicious. I had my back relaxed onto my covers, as Spikey ventured onto my stomach, walked right up to my face, and started nibbling on the other end of my cracker. He was being the adorable little bird I know he is. Mister soon was on me, too. They were both taking turns(they can't seem to share) snacking on my snack. I led them into another room because I really just wanted to enjoy my cracker stick. Another day of cuteness.

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