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Monday, August 20, 2007


Hey. Just got back from Amy's house. We had a get-together today. I love her doggies. They are so sweet. It's just a friendly environment over there.
She had the summer of a lifetime. She went to Florida, Arizona, and Las Vegas. It all sounds like so much fun. Except for the outrageous heat she experienced in all three places. The heat really drains all of my energy. She said that once you walk out the hotel she stayed at in Las Vegas, the thick air just completely takes your breath away and you're all exhausted already. I couldn't imagine living there, but we almost moved there a few years ago.
Amy got me a little present! When she got back from Arizona, she got the cutest little deck of cards. I really enjoy playing games with an exciting deck. Not that decks are exciting, but they are better than no deck at all. This might sound a little weird, but I always have a deck of cards with me in my bag. True story. I also have a book, lanyards, my phone, hand sanitizer,and a hand held dictionary. Sometimes I even have my portable sudoku. Thanks to Amy, I now have choice in cards when I decide to play on the road. Thanks again!

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