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Friday, August 24, 2007


I sneaked(I thought it was snuck, but then word spell corrected me. Is this right? Snuck just looked right to me) on to here just so I could update. Thanks for the support Amy. Well, we still don't have the hard drive, not that I expected it, I was just really really really hoping it would. Dang. Anyway, dog luver, are you e-mailing me at the right one? I don't answer my old one anymore. I only check it about one or twice a month....... I answer to my new one. Hopefully this gives you the answer.
Okay, so we had a pool party recently, but I doubt I'll be able to report on it at the moment. I splashed, I swam, I played pool game, I warmed up in the jacuzzi(oh yeah.....), and I got out. Pretty much sums it up. I had an awesome time. Tradition rocks!

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monkeylover said...

hi ur blog iz soooooooooooo kool! guess who i am!
luv, rachel!!!!!!!
P.S. i'm ur BFF!