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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Another Episode of Reckless Driving

I was on my way to the mall down the street from me. I decided that window shopping couldn't hurt. After going down a long hill and coming out to a usually busy intersection, I saw flashing lights. The ambulance, the police, the innocent witnesses, and then, the completely racked-up car with a woman's head sticking out. Before I knew it, the car was parked and I was making my way across the street to see what happened. Dad was there, and he started chatting with the other walker-bys. The car was completely turned over on its side, and the firemen were using ladders to help the women out of the car. She had to climb upwards, just to get out of the passenger's window. I didn't know what to say, i wasn't scared, because I knew that everybody was okay. After struggling, and what I'm sure was much pain for the young woman, having to squeeze herself out of such a small area, she was finally pried out by two red-faced firemen. She was rather slender, and she had dark hair. She looked Indian maybe. I wasn't quite sure. They had carried her to the curb while the car was inspected, or at least what was left of it was. She was shaking, frightened half to death, I'm sure. There were many theories as to what happened, but I wasn't close enough to hear the woman's story as she told it to the police. Other men to Dad's right said that it might have been like she was driving to fast through the intersection, she lost control, and spun so sharp that she toppled onto her side. Dad said that maybe she tried to beat the red light, but she saw another car coming so she swerved to avoid it, and then she made such a sharp turn, that she just fell over. Obviously, some kind of sharp turn must have been involved. Many people were being interviewed, but we left for the police got to the man next to us. I'm glad that nobody was hurt, though. What's the moral to this story, huh? Always wear your seat belt. she could have been seriously hurt if not killed, by the looks of the car and where the driver's side was. Also, don't drive like a maniac! Driving is a privilege, and you shouldn't take advantage of it.
Even though we still went window shopping, nothing else could have topped my day.

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Michele said...

I saw a car turned on its side one day last week when I was driving to work. No idea how the accident happened or if anyone was hurt but it's always a scary thing to see.