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Friday, August 24, 2007

Good News and Bad News

I guess I was wrong, I have indeed been finding time to update my blog everyday. The good news: the hard drive came in today. But we still need a CD to go along with it. Why couldn't they have sent them both together, instead of in different packages, and apparently on different days....?

The bad news: I saw ANOTHER accident. This time, I was there to actually see it, like see it happen. We were innocently driving home, when. we heard brakes squealing, and when we turned to our left, a white truck flew into a gas station, taking out a sign, the front of another car filling up with gas, and recking itself. The guy inside the white truck immediately leaped out of his car to check out the woman who owned the smashed car, and to check out the sign. Nobody even noticed the shrubbery, though. Plants are living, too! Living plants died today.....and nobody seems to care. Even though I guess the woman is pretty important, too.

There was a red car that followed behind me, also involved with the collision. Dad thinks that maybe the red car tailed the white truck, and that launched it forward. I mean, this car was like....flying past at an incredible speed. It was all quite scary. Nobody appeared to be seriously hurt, though. I'm glad, too. That could have really ended badly. So, there was the event to my day. Even though I enjoyed lunch with Mum, and fresh flowers.

One last piece of news....I have taken back my %%%. To complicated to remember. And besides, it's not like I really needed to have something like that. Thanks for still reading.

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Anonymous said...

interesting blog. Sorry to hear about the computer problem. Hope everything gets fixed as soon as possible.