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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ahhh... Thursday

Finally. The week is just about over!!! Tomorrow will hopefully be amazing since we have a football game tomorrow. And then I am going to watch water polo before then. If I stay the entire time, I will be at school for over twelve hours. HAHA THAT'S FANTASTIC!!!!!

As you can tell, I am in a much better mood compared to yesterday. I feel somewhat back om top of things.

Yearbook late night was lovely(as per usual), even though it grew to be a bit boring. But nothing is ever a waste of time when new inside jokes are made. Right, Rachel? Ohh life is sweet at the moment. Watch something tragic happen tomorrow. Irony loves me.

Hmm. What else. Oh yes! I finally get to sit down and watch all of the videos of Glee that I recorded!!!!!! AHHH I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED! I AM SOOO PUMPED RIGHT NOW. I AM ALSO SOOOOO REPETITIVE RIGHT NOW!!!

Sidenote : I have pictures to download and share with you soon. I will make sure to do that. They are of HenHen and Rocky. Remember Rocky?


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nasha said...

glad that you're in a good mood...:)Have a nice weekend elley...