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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


That would be the sound of the howling wind as I opened my bedroom door this morning. The firat storm of the season has flown in. Oh most definitely. There has been a constant pelting sound as the rain hits our house and the ground outside. The sky outside is dark and gloomy, and it is difficult to distinguish night and day. I miss you, summer. Oh, how I miss you.

I have not been able to literally sit down at my computer(and get it up, ij = inside joke) and publish a blog post in ages. Without blogger mobile, I would be non existent. So I apologize for the lack of photo updates.

Remember that New York trip I have mentioned before? Yes, well, it has been canceled. We needed thirty slips to make the cut and we got fifteen. That would be the second huge travel trip canceled this year, and it is only October. Choir, I am thoroughly disappointed in you. You have made me frown. How do you sing with a frown? You tell me. I understand that money is tight for everyone, but we all seemed extremely excited about it.

Minimum day of school. Just what I need. Not sarcasm.

Oh yeah, Happy Hump Day



Anonymous said...

awww im so sorry about the NY trip! :( <--that is no way to sing. GLEE IS ON TONIGHT! YAY! <3


Delaney said...


This is for you. I am so sorry to hear about your NY trip. But where do you LIVE??? Is it snowing yet?? cuz it is only Ocetober. If it is, you need to move to a warmer place if you hate the cold so much. You know, you struck me as a California person. Is that where you live?

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry. Hopefully the frown will soon be turned upside down.