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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tut Tut Tuesday

I never have any groovy post titles anymore.

I would have published something earlier, but I was in a terrible mood and did not want to say anything that I would later regret. We want this blog to stay a "positive environment". Actually, that is rather lame. Who wants to read that? People want EMOTION AND FEELING AND PASSION. :)
Here is a lame transition to a new topic.

Everyone has been getting sick lately, and I have been doing all I can to stay healthy I know a few people who had swine, and I do not want to become another statistic(kind of like that one commercial. The one that you probably do not know). Tea time has become a regular part of my day now. Supposedly, we got the kind that is relieves stress and helps the immune system. I have been finishing homework with it by my side, and I must say, geometry proofs are starting to make sense. MAGIC TEA. Or maybe it is just all pyschological. Probably. Oh well. It does clear my sinuses, though. That is certainly something.

Want to know what was bomb diggity earlier? This is still tea-related, by the way. I know, I know. I talk about the most boring things. But this is somewhat cool. To me, at least. Just keep reading.

Tea symbols. Look them up. The tea I drink comes in herbs and leaves, not the little bag with the string. We have the GOOD stuff. After allowing the flavor to set in, I poured the steamy liquid into my bear cup. It has cute bears on it. Hehe. On the bottom of the teapot(the short and stout one) was a perfect crescent moon, shaped from the herbs and leaves!!!! It was absolutely distinct. I should have taken a picture. I really should have. It was incredible. After researching it online, I discovered that a crescent moon tea leaf shape means "changes". Hopefully those will be delightful changes. Are you aware that determining tea symbols is an art? It has a name, but I am not in the mood to copy and paste the word.

My oh my. I have written a lot this evening. Twenty karmakoins for me. Expect to hear more tomorrow(a.k.a Hump Day).


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