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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


... Is nothing special. I think I am almost over it. Thanks for the sympathy, Pecky :) Homework load has been light this week. Hoorah.

Cat update: We bought claw trimmers for him, and he actually sits there as I trim and file his claws. Yes, the package came with a filer. That is almost ridiculous. But not quite.

Hopefully this week will end in a shaBANG, because homecoming football game is on Friday, then homecoming dance the next day. That is something to look forward to, right?

I suppose I should start being proactive and begin my homework. Perhaps I'll get a decent amount of sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

souns like Bartley. Be proactive!! :D

-Pecky <3

Anonymous said...

BOK. Youre welcome for the sympathy, Elley. <3
by the way, i find henry's nail file pretty cute. haha its great that he actually lets you use it. he takes after his owner! he loves manicures! :D haha you should buy him that dorky pet nail polish! bwahahahaha

<3 fondly,
Pecky <:3 <---bird's eye view of a chicken. (beak, eyes, thingy on top of head) if you dont see it, i dont blame you. :P

rachelgee said...

OHHHMYGODD. i agreee with "pecky" haha. you should paint henry's nails(:

that would be absolutely fantastic, so when i go to your house and he scratches me it will be cute scratches... hahahaha oh wait sorry (dotodtdot)

<3 youuuu my ladybug friend/innocent but deadly ninja/fishie buddy


Anonymous said...

rachel! you need to post more! :P and i would comment but i cant because you dont have an anonymous comment thingy. haha sushi and sandcastles... <3 good luck