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Cheers to karma for making life a little bit more entertaining.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Before I know it, the week is rushing in full speed. No football game on Friday, so I actually do not have much to look forward. Well, there is Halloween. Plans for that friends??? And my one year braces anniversary is on Halloween, too!!!!! Woot woot baby. Only one or two more years to go!

Tomorrow will be extremely busy. School then tutoring then chamber. I won't be able to start my homework until seven. Darn. Oh, well. It is all about the time management, am I right?

Oh yes!!!! Something thrilling happened after school today. There was a high speed pursuit on the street that my school is located on. We were locked inside the campus as police sped down the roads, and helicopters monitored from up above. Everyone saw the speeding truck, but being the karmakarma person I am, I looked up as it literally rounded the bend. Of course. Haha. It was still something really interesting. What a spice to my day!!! :)

AdiĆ³s for now. Have a lovely day tomorrow!!!


nasha said...

Hi elley,
you were right about time management...i was not good at that from school to college and now maybe I'm getting better(i think)..hehehe...anyway, Happy Halloween!!!

Anonymous said...

I missed it too.
But you know us, always missing stuff. Like earthquakes. OH! And did I tell you? My mom saw a shooting star while the two of us were driving to school. Guess who decided to randomly look at the ground at that exact moment? Yeah.

Oooh. braces anniversary coming up? How fun. Eew. Mine is during...spring break..i think. Maybe. you know what, I have know idea when it is.

WOW. Long comment is looong.


Anonymous said...


guess what? i missed it too. COMPLETELY. but i definietly saw the helicopters. i counted five of them! FIVE! and i heard them going by in Spanish.


P.S. "Bokky!" said the Pecky. Yes, bokky. <:3

Anonymous said...

Wow you think you have karma i was the one kid at school not freaking out about the swine flu well I caught now is that instant karma or what?