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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long Time No See

Ugh. I am such a disappointment to the blogosphere. I can never seem to keep up a regular blogging schedule during the school year. So far, the year has taught me to organize my priorities and stand by them. Please don't be hating on me for saying this, but blogging does not exactly make the Top Three on my list. The top three are probably homework, extra-curricular, and sleep. Yes, sleep is important to me because it seems to be non existent at the moment.

I've been doing homework all day(shocker there), and I have a fiery burning passion of hatred towards biology, just as I did towards whatever science course I took last year. Hmm. It's not getting any better. I just hate science all together. There's no curing me.

Choir has been amazing so far, and I'm thrilled to confirm our New York trip in the spring. AHH IT WILL BE FANTASTIC! Especially since I have never been there before! What an experience!

Holly's birthday was yesterday! Julie's birthday was the day before today! Just because they're sisters, does not mean they need to share a birthday sentence, so there you go. The party last night was incredible, and I look forward to them each year. Hopefully we'll get to take that cruise when we all graduate from high school!! :)

Today at three o' clock, we are actually going to take Henry to go get blessed at our church. Hehe. Yes, I am serious. Basically, my cat is getting baptised this afternoon. Ohhhh, I just love it.

Thanks to those who still read this, super points to those who actually bother leaving comments. I do read them all, eventually. I'm off to go finish off my homework-filled Sunday, but I'm wishing the rest of you a lovely day. <3



chattypatra said...

Keeping a blog is wonderful, but you have got your priorities on straight. I admire your maturity at such a young age. To realize that responsibility and taking care of your body come first is something that many people never learn, let alone early in life. Congratulations!

Also, how cute is it that you had your cat blessed?

Have a great week~!

P.S: I love science, and I wish I were very, very good at it so I could do research and find the cure to any of the awful illnesses we have in the world today. I think scientists are heroes!

Anonymous said...

haha thank you for understanding that twins need their own birthday sentences! :) glad you had fun! i want to go on that cruise soooo badly! we will make it happen!

I hate science too. so much. especially chemistry last year...that was terrible. so far bio hasn't been much better which sucks cuz I had high hopes that it would be.

i think it is amazingly adorable that Henry has been baptized. haha give him a hug for me!

glad you get to finally go to new york! good luck with choir and all that.

sorry i dont usually comment. i got behind for a while again and i just caught up recently so yeah. hehe i found it pointless to comment on old news.

I LOVE YOU. see it sounds creepy with a period but with an exclaimation point it sounds odd. I LOVE YOU!

~Holly <3
(or Pecky haha good times)

p.s. i just heard fall for you and then i pictured that guy from secondhand serenade's face. you know the creepy one from the music channel. haha :D

p.p.s haha this is very long. i just wanted the chance to write a p.p.s :P

Anonymous said...

OMG you have no idea how jealous i am right now. I have always wanted to go on a school trip to New york. ALWAYS!! But, I've already been. Twice. So I should stop complaining.

Anyways, you are amazing. Few understand how much twins need their own sentences. It's called...sentence identity theft. Yes, that sounds good.

I'm glad you had fun! And yes, the cruise will happen. I've already booked it. You owe me money.
JUST KIDDING. i'm so funny.

wow, that was lame. I think I'll off, now.