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Saturday, September 5, 2009


What a painful day. I went to bed last night in pain from the chain(internal rhyme points), and woke up this morning with a tooth hanging from a thread. I have no idea how this even happened. Without revealing any gory details, I'll just tell you that there was blood. BLOOD. Moving on now.

I went to see my ninety-two year old Aunt this afternoon. Definitely an enjoyable part of the day, considering we don't see this particular Aunt as often as the other one. The visit was relaxing, but her pekingese dog looked as if he had aged tremendously since the last time. He looked brittle and upset, rather than vibrant and curious. :( It was a sad thing to see, and I wish time didn't tick past so quickly. But, alas, it does.

The entire afternoon I had a terrible stomachache, and so did my dad. I've had all sorts of pain and uneasiness going on. What the heck is wrong with me!?!?!

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Anonymous said...

Elley!! Elley!!!! You're making me worry! Stop having all these aches and pains! It makes me sad to think of you just sitting there in pain. :(