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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Life is swell. I feel like I've said that before. But it is. Today was a half day, and it was quite disorienting compared to the normal school schedule. We'll be back to that tomorrow.

Last night was back to school night, and choir sang the National Anthem for all of the parents. I must admit, we sounded purrty. :)

I got a new ipod for my birthday! WOOHOO. I named him Chang Pablo. Chang after the delicious restaurant, P.F. Chang's, which is where we ate Tuesday evening. Pablo because I just really love the name. So, we have Chang Pablo. He even has his own song(chang chang chaaaang). I know the words are probably different, but that what it sounds like.

Henry went to the d-o-c-t-o-r this morning. Regular check up and shots and examination and then(dotdotdot) they DE-MANED him. De-maned doesn't look like the word I mean to say. Basically, they neutered. Poor kitty :( He's really sore right now. He passed out on my bed and has been sleeping away for about two and a half hours. Twitching and snoring and licking and everything. Every time he moves too much, he meows and whines! Aw, it's so sad. But on a brighter side, the doctor said he's healthy and in great shape. He weighs 6.8 pounds!!! Little boy. Katherine's cat could eat mine as a mid-day snack. She said that, not me. ;)

Have a lovely day, folks.

P.S. Blogger had a little cake and candle on the home screen today. Blog's birthday, too?

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