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Monday, September 14, 2009

penelope rose

Yes, that's right. I just took a nifty little ride in Penelope Rose with Katherine and her dad. And who exactly is Penelope Rose? A BRIGHT YELLOW BUG!!! In case you're a bit thick in the head of that moment(which is alright, perhaps I'm not being clear enough), PR is a car :) AHHHH IT WAS SO COOL!! I WAS THE FIRST ONE NOT IN THE FAMILY. AHHH. WOOHOO. :)

Anyways, birthday is tomorrow, and that's really exciting, too!!!!! I've had a great weekend, after the tiny surprise shindig and The Time Traveler's Wife with Holly and Julie. LOVE THAT MOVIE. IT WAS FABULOUS.

But, I should probably go finish homework. I think I will now.

P.S. Henry is getting neutered this Thursday. Poor fellow. NO gender. Haha no, he's still a man to me.

One more thing, Kanye West can suck it. What a jerk. I'm not a Taylor fan, but at least let her have her moment.

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Anonymous said...

Jeeeezz!!!! I have never heard you talk like that!!! It was funny, but I am a Taylor fan, and what you said was downright funny. Katy Perry said f*ck you, it was like you stepped on a kitten!!

chattypatra said...

Watch this if you want to laugh:

Anonymous said...