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Friday, September 4, 2009


Thanks for the link about cat declawing. I do not think we will be declawing him after all. Research and advice has proven that it is highly inhumane and painful to the cat. My indecisive mother has made up her mind. Finally.

To answer a question I received in the previous post:
I picked The Other Boleyn Girl for my reading assignment. It's fantastic to far.

Orthodontist. I hate you. Remember the surgery a while back? Well, they adjusted the chain for the first time today and it felt like they were slicing and dicing my gums. Seriously, I was in tears all the way home. It hurt that much. I haven't cried from pain since the surgery, and before that, who knows when the last time was. The pain is still horrible right now, but I have my Henry here sleeping by my legs. He is very good company.

Other than my excruciating orthodontist visit, today was a successful day. I'll leave you at that.

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chattypatra said...

Even though I'm not a cat person, I am very glad to hear that your mother decided not to declaw your cat. I agree with you. Yeah, kitty!

The Other Boleyn Girl? Is it a book based on the movie, or was it the other way around. Either way, although I haven't seen the movie, I do know the story, and I find it sad. Women had some very tough choices back then, and that Henry was definitely a "driven" man, to put it mildly. Enjoy your read!

nasha said...

i agree about the declawing too.The Other Boleyn Girl - i've read the book, watched the movie and the television adaptation too.I love the book better than the movie tho :)