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Sunday, September 13, 2009

birthday weekend

Hmm. No one ever reads this anymore. But that's no reason to stop posting :)

Birthday on Tuesday. Neighbor/SPECTACULAR best friend threw me a little surprise shindig. Very cute :) Already planning to embaress her on her birthday.

Holly and Julie took me to see The Time Traveler's Wife(GAH THAT WAS JUST HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I can't show you one person sitting behind us who didn't cry. Not that it was a full house or anything, but boy was that a tearjerker) after a lovely dinner at Johnny Rocket's. Just like last year :) I smell a tradition. *sniff*

Today is homework day. Crash and burn. :(

<3 roses are red <3
<3 violets are blue <3
<3 this post is from elley <3
<3 written for you <3


kyles said...

Oh baby, I do read, I've been giggling at your posts about getting caught up in school, sorry if I don't always comment. I hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow, mine was two days ago, but I'm sure I'm 20+ years older than you...laughs!

Delaney said...

Hi!!!!*really obnoxious wave that is really long!!* Happy (belated?, early? I'm not sure at the moment, I am bad at math) sooo, HAPPY SOMETHING BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
I read your blog all the time, I am ALWAYS dissapointed, and slightly frustrated when you don't post, for over 3 days!! POST MORE!!!!:-D

chattypatra said...

Happy Birthday!
¡Feliz CumpleaƱos!
Joyeux Anniversaire
Buon compleanno

I hope you have a wonderful day!

rachelgee said...

i still read it!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. The scent of a tradition is definitely there. :)