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Thursday, August 27, 2009


So basically, my day was fantastic. I love this year. I can feel it's going to amazing. Except for a certain unwanted person in my favorite class. Come on. Ugh. That's annoying.

But otherwise, everything was such a great experience! I can hardly wait to start the year. I've already had a math test. It took the entire class. On the first day?? Wow. But he's a bit of an "odd" teacher, to put things nicely.

And one of them is basically the human version of the turtle from Finding Nemo. The one that's all, "DUUUUDE." You know? He'll push me, but it'll all be worth it in the end.

Definitely a good start. I'll keep everyone posted. I actually have science homework to complete tonight, so I can't ramble on about nothing today.

But before I face my inevitable doom, I'd like to address a comment I received. What happened to the squirrel? Very good question indeed. He doesn't come by as often as he used, too. Perhaps it's because there's normally a furry feline waiting for him. But I did catch him eating peanuts by the trunk of our tree a couple afternoons back!!!!

Urg. Homework time. Bye :)

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chattypatra said...

Thanks for the squirrel update!

Now, speaking of hateful classmates, have you seen the new TV show based on "10 Things I Hate About You". I caught on late on Hulu, but they skip from episode 4 to episode 8! What's up with that? So frustrating!

cass and cady said...

Oh, no squirrel? Hmmm..we have a couple who think they own the front yard.