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Thursday, August 6, 2009


First off, I had a FABULOUS time with my three D.C. buddies, and we didn't even finish half of the scrapbook. We're talking 2,000ish pictures here :)

Like promised, here are park pix.

if i learned anything at all that day, it's that squirrels don't share.
i think this one clawed at my camera and nearly got my finger

no need to stuff everything in your face

they must have been hungry

caught you red headed stealing a peanut from my bag

lovely look i'm getting here


protecting his findings

evil squirrel look!

it's a two-fer!

birdie friend!!!

aw, just a shell.

not only are squirrels smart, but they are very very lazy :)

praying for more peanuts perhaps?



kyles said... cute, I don't think I've ever seen a squirrel, even in a zoo, we don't have them here, but I've seen plenty of pidgeons!

nasha said...

nice pictures ellie...