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Monday, August 3, 2009


I am usually successful when it comes to editing my html coding, but my right sidebar refuses to cooperate. If anyone out there has any tips or solutions, feel free to let me know.

Despite the fact that I am on summer vacation, I still find Mondays to be excruciating. Now, that's what I call impressive.

I could definitely live without going to dance tonight. Not looking forward to that. At all. I'd rather be doing something much more productive, and less painful. But, I only have a few more sessions to suck it up. Cannot wait until this is over(dotdotdot).

In case you forgot, I'm not allowed to actually type "...". I have to spell it out in parentheses, as in (dotdotdot). *inside joke*

This week is pretty much my last carefree week in it's entirety(sp?). I've probably mentioned that more than a couple of times by now. Anyways, I'm probably seeing my Aunt one of these days. Then scrapbooking with three spectacular friends on Thursday(really excited for that)! And then the rest is up to me. Perhaps I'll just relish in the lack of morning alarms and never ending assignments.

Hmm. What to say. What to say. Actually, I think I'll end it at that.


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kyles said...

Hmmm...well when you figure out your html you can fix mine up, I am hopeless at codes! Enjoy the last week of your holidays!