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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bundle Of Love

I absolutely love him.

He rested his head on my lap.
He fell asleep in my arms.
He woke up in my arms.
He looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes.
He licked my fingers.
He purred for countless moments.

Only a little more than 24 hours, and he's become one of the family. He's already trained to go to the bathroom in the litter box. Smart thing.

Apparently cats respond more to the 'e' sound in names, so my whole family is telling me to change it. Since he doesn't respond fully yet to Simon, I don't see why not. I'll make Simon his middle name. I'm looking for names that have an ending like Annie or Buddy. And he's a sweet baby boy whose mostly white with black splashes like a cow. Anyone have any name suggestions?

And by the way, we took him in the house for the first time this evening. It was a grand success. I only sneezed 5 times. That's excellent for me. And he looked at the birds and didn't seem to threatened. Although the cockatiel nearly had a heartattack on the spot.

Life is sweet right now.

I'm helping out at my old school tomorrow morning with my choir director. He's excusing me for camp. Reuniting with my previous campus, friends, and teachers will be a warm and welcoming sensation. I'm buckled in and ready for an awesome week.

<3 roses are red <3
<3 violets are blue <3
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nasha said...

What about Archie or Benny.I found this interesting site where you can look up on kitty names you'll find something there...:)