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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Henry Simon

So we finally came up with a name for the kitty. No, it does not flow and sound pretty when spoken. Henry Simon? Not the easiest thing to string together. But it does have meaning. Each part has an explanation behind it.

Simon(original name; currently middle name) was given to him by the neighbors who offered their baby kitty to us.

Henry(current first name) was the name of my very first pet. She was a guinea pig who had two babies afterwards. I was given her as a birthday present, thinking that it was a boy, hence the name Henry. After discovering two UFO's(unidentified furry objects) in the cage one school morning, Henry became a Henrietta. I guess you can never trust pet store people. But it was the first animal in our home. So all is forgiven. Henry(guinea piggy) was a sweet, motherly friend with shaggy locks of white and black shades. Henry(kitty) is a sweet, feisty friend with short fur of white and black shades. In honor of my guinea piggy who has passed, my family has decided to name my new kitty Henry Simon. But of course we'll call him Henry.

The name honors our old neighbors, and an old furry pal.

I brought him into my room for the first time this afternoon. He fell asleep curled up by my feet. He was very much at peace. We bought him a flea collar this evening, too. That didn't work out well. I have the band-aids and scratches to prove it. Ouch. But sacrifice gives way for love :)
On a completely cheerful note, his new scooper is a beautiful turquoise color.

Now to end this post...

I shall be at choir camp tomorrow morning and free afterwards. It'll be a week since the surgery *cue the scary duhn duhn DUHN music* Everything is coming along well. I take my last penicillin tomorrow. :) WOOOOT.

The schedule has been hectic lately, and it has been a refreshing feeling to get back into a routine once more. School, here I come.

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