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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Patty Between Wednesday And Friday

Yesterday was Hump Day, and I apologize if I failed to point it out. But here I am pointing it out.
HUMP DAY <------------

Henry is sleeping on the floor at the moment. All of that string wrestling must have worn him out. It's his fourth cat nap since 2:00 this afternoon. Hehe. :)

School orientation was today, and I can't even stress enough how excited I am for the upcoming school year. My schedule is exactly the way I wanted it. Everything is perfect. And I'm already fitting in nicely. I lovelovelovelovelove my choir group this year. All the students in higher grades are so sweet and welcoming, except for one girl. But I'm putting her aside now. Yearbook Design will be incredible, as will meeting new people and reuniting with old friends.

I have a busy week coming up. Tomorrow is choir camp and performance for other orientation. Then straight to my orthodontist appointment after that. My friend Renata will be coming down to see us for the day.
Saturday is Choir Car Wash Day, and I'll be seeing Andrea and friends at her party later that evening.
Sunday is for possibly getting my nails done for the first time since my birthday a couple of years ago, and then Maddie is coming to spend the night.
Monday is the pool party at Robin's house.
Tuesday is a get together with Becca and a few others, for she is back from her month long vacation!!!!
Wednesday will most likely be with Holly and Julie, and they will be meeting Henry then :)
Thursday is the first day of school.

I figured I should jam-pack myself with loads of fun activities, so school will be available as my highest priority when it begins.

There was my two cents of the day, folks. Have a lovely evening.

*still avoiding picture downloading from my camera*

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