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Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm still having these killer headaches. I fall asleep with one, wake up with one, and go through school with one. They subtly sneak into my mind, then FULL BLAST. And without notice, they lurk out again. It's HORRIBLE. One minute my mind feels relaxed and then the next, I feel like my brain is being compressed. Mother says it's the heat. I'm trying to stick with a lot of water, though I've been choosing tea lately.

First Monday back to school was fine. Can you believe it? A GOOD Monday? High school is really shaping up for me. I'm looking forward to finding new opportunities and seeing where they'll take me.

I was looking back at the 25 pictures I took of Henry back when I had first met him. He was about three months old back then, and I had assumed he was a she. Now that I compare the two time periods of his life, I'm sad to see how much bigger he has gotten. He's growing up! No longer is he in the kitten stage, which makes me feel like a parent losing their child :( He's a teenager now. Going through teenage angst as a cat. *sigh*

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