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Monday, August 17, 2009

Helloooooo Monday

This has been a a shocklingly good Monday so far. Choir camp this morning was definitely fun! I loved meeting new people, reuniting with the director(haha, i say this like it's a good thing. But really, he's awesome), and learning music already. One of them being in Latin. That was confusing... I have a choir party to go to in about two hours, which will last all the way into the evening. Excited!!! The new school transition has been fairly smooth.

Simon is as adorable as ever. He just finished lunch and is currently climbing trees and sunbathing. He's a happy kitty :) And a loud one, too. His purr sounds like a motor. But I like it.

<3 roses are red <3
<3 violets are blue <3
<3 this post is from elley <3
<3 written for you <3

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