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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Wow. I am still going strong with the whole title post thing. That calls for a woot woot.

For a Sunday, I actually felt on top of things. Just in general, I got a lot of sleep this weekend. What a difference it makes, too! I feel refreshed and ready for the day. Despite this, I am not quite sure if school is where I want to be tomorrow. Ugh. Perhaps I will have a nice week, for once. My English class should be finishing Of Mice and Men( otherwise known was the best book on the face of the planet), there is a choir fitting tomorrow, tutoring on Tuesday, no school Wednesday, late night Thursday, and football game Friday. Yep. I belive I am set to go.

Off to study español!!!! Adíos!!! (adíoso, Pecky)


chattypatra said...

Do you know how to get the Spanish characters on your keyboard? I can give them to you if you want them. That way, you could write: ¡Adiós!, using both "signos de exclamación".

Let me know. Estoy aquí para ayudarte. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

i havent finished Of Mice and Men but so far its pretty good.

i like how i get your titles but most of your readers have no idea what your talking about. :)