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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Most Definitely

I have come to the conclusion...

That I most definitely should have been born

List Of Songs I Love To Pieces:

Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers)
A Teenager In Love(Dion & the Belmonts)
ALL of Michael Jackson songs
Sherry(The Four Seasons)
Lollipop(The Chordettes..have you seen the new Dell commerical with this song? GENIUS)
ALL OF ABBA(I LOVE MAMMA MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST MOVIE...EVER... even though they're late 70's. I listen to the movie soundtrack as I fall asleep...every night...since I got it...)
My Girl(The Temptations)
The Way You Do The Things You Do(The Temptations)
On Broadway(The Drifters)
Under The Boardwalk(The Drifters)
Anything Grease(as in the movie... <3)

And many more. But it's late. Perhaps I'll continue this when I stop mourning Michael Jackson. I never understood how amazing his music was until he was gone. It's because all I remember are the allegations and the accusations and now... gone. :( You know what's weird? My favorite singer's initials(Jason Mraz) are the opposite of his.

I was meant to be a 50s and 60s girl. With about of 70s mixed in there. Oh, most definitely.

Yeah, I'm sure all my friends are probably thinking about how much of I freak I can be, but I realized that I appreciate this music much more than I appreciate the lame attempts at music that rap "artists" come up with. And yeah, my friends probably learned a lot about me just by reading this. I'm not saying all the music these days is horrible. After all, Jason Mraz exists. Where would I be without him? Thanks to AMS for introducing me to him, I'm EVER GRATEFUL she enlightened me with his god music. I admit there are plenty of other delightful things in the world(Wicked and JM and others)


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Tandice said...

Grease was a good movie. We watched it in school once...the teacher had to skip a scene or two.

Karma Queen said...

haha, i can kind of guess which ones those were.

EDIT: i should have been born a few decades ago.

AMS said...

I just learned something about you! But I totally understand. Aside from a few select artists, music sucks these days. The real, great music was back then. Today music is all about nasty stuff. Music was so pure back then. And I am totally appreciating Michael Jackson more and more these days also. Bottom Line: I agree with you 10000%!