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Friday, July 24, 2009


The only point to headaches is to make us more grateful when we happen not to have one.

Anyone know any cure to some throbbin' up in the noggin'?

Random updates:

I have yet to go swimming or to the beach this entire summer. I've reached a new pathetic.
After listening to Jason Mraz's talking website, I got really excited because I remembered that I've seen him in concert with one of my best friends.
The school is sending me newsletters, which makes me very sad.
My tigger nails are chipping.
My braces are red now.
I have to get oral surgery(dotdotdot) again. And this time they're putting me to sleep. :( My orthodontist needs to go to Mars.
I got a blue scarf and a green scarf today in Solvang.
There is this amazing burger place that sells everything for a dollar. I had lunch there today. It was yummy.

My sentences are boring and poorly structured. I am tired. My head hurts.

This blog post sucked.

EDIT: I just went onto the unkymoods website, and I discovered they have a headachey mood. This amuses me and makes me feel almost happy. But not quite what you would normally categorize as "happy". I feel accurate, if that remotely makes any sense, which it doesn't, considering I just reread that sentence.


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