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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nice Nice

I believe I'm doing a FANTASTIC job at keeping up with my multiple-posts-a-day routine, if I do say so myself. I award myself one bloggy point. CURRENT BLOGGY POINTS: 2

There is this Truth Box on facebook where you ask questions and people answer anonymously. I asked what people truly thought of me, and one of my BEST FRIENDS said the NICEST thing back. I started freak dancing around the room because of it! It made me really appreciate kind words and what others have to say. So, if she happens to be reading this, I hope she knows that she made me smile tonight :)

I'm not sure if I said this already, but I got four really nice Mead Five Star notebooks this afternoon. I've never used this brand of notebooks before. I'm really excited! A bit sad, isn't it(dotdotdot).

I'm not allowed to "..." anymore. THAT WAS AN EXPLANATION, A, NOT AN ACTUAL "..." FOR THE RECORD :)


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Anonymous said...

and YOU just made ME smile :D