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Monday, July 13, 2009

Sour Cream: Yum...Mayo : Not So Much

Food is absolutely delicious. Some enjoy food more than others, which, of course, is to be expected. But I believe that behind every person, is a food that they could eat plain that others would find disgusting. Or a food that they never get tired of.

For instance, my father adds salt to everything, which greatly repulses me in certain cases.
Same with my friend, SS. I even have a video of her with several(no exaggeration there) packets of salt on fries. They were more white than yellow. But whatever butters her toast, I guess.

Both my mother and I eat rice everyday with just about everything. But that's also to be expected.

However, one thing I can dip a spoon into and lick happily is sour cream. A dollop of daisy goes with all foods, in my opinion. Baked potatoes topping the charts, no doubt.

On the otherside, a food that I feel should be wiped from the face of the planet is mayo. Truly and wholeheartedly, it thoroughly grosses me out. I never eat mayo. Not on sandwiches and not with anything else, if I can help it. Sometimes I ignore it in tuna sandwiches(SUBWAYSUBWAY), but in any other situation, I'd rather dump it in a trench.

My used-to-be childhood friend once had a mayo sandwich when I visited her house. Just a slice of bread, a thick layer of mayo, and another slice of bread. I nearly threw up watching it. Even if you don't detest mayo, don't you find this the slightest bit icky?


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