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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Yes, today is Wednesday. And yes, today is Hump Day. I like to acknowledge this known fact, and it seems to have become a tradition on my blog. I remember the last time I posted about HD(ha. not high definition, folks), and I didn't realize until I had almost published, that it wasn't Wednesday. How sad. Rachel is my witness to said shame.

Just in case some of you want to disappoint me by asking why I call it HD(again, not high definition), I'll answer this completely absurd question. The week is like a hill. Sunday is at the foot. Throughout Monday and Tuesday, the week is slowly climbing upwards until Wednesday, which is the peak(or hump) of the week(rhyme points). The week slowly descends from Thursday to Saturday. There you go. Don't ever ask me that question again.

But, I am in the middle of uploading photos as we speak. I will publish them in a later post today. I couldn't quite get it as focused as I wanted it to be, but now you have a general idea of what Rocky looks like.

I am slowly, but surely, making my comeback to bloggy fame. I'm up to two daily comments now. One day, I'll make it to five. And I'll tell the world of my success. But until then, leave your kind words because I always enjoy reading them! :)

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