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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Divebomb

It was 11:45 at night. I was cuddled up under my tie dye comforter while cradling a book under the lamp by my bedside. My evenings are often spent reading to relax my muscles before falling asleep and dreaming of a better world.

It was quiet outside my window, aside from the rhythmic chirping of grasshoppers that fell in step with my steady breathing. Glares from the lamp tinted the very corners of my glasses.

All was calm in the house.

When, without notice, a black projectile from above hurtles towards my face with a speed too fast for my relaxed reflexes to recognize. An uncomfortable crunch sounds as the object makes contact with my glasses. After a heartbeat of shock and disbelief, I'm on all fours like a tiger on the prowl. There before my eyes was a creature eager to explore every region of my pillow. It creeped. It crawled. It staked out future territory.

There before my eyes was a medium-sized black BEATLE(reference picture)!!!!! I didn't know what to do at first but be a spectator as the bug(who had quite literally divebombed me) scuttled over my palm tree pillow case. Eventually, I realized that it was not about to disappear on its own. Being too much of a lame-o myself, Mom came to the rescue with tissues.

I wanted to hear it's little body crunch. That's a high 9 on the disgusting scale, but I didn't care just then. After flushing it in the toilet the first time, it came back with a new wave of water. IT WOULDN'T DIE. Definitely not my first experience with the immortal bug, either. I've actually had quite a few with at least three of my friends now.

Not to fret, the bug was eliminated. Just how, I'll keep that to myself. :)

All in all, sleep didn't come until about an hour and a half later, despite the comfort that reading brings me.

I have officially been divebombed by a bug.


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