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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A New Blogging Me

Okay, I know I've said this about ten thousand times in the past. I'm going to make that ten thousand and one.

To prevent losing this blog due to mental lack of concentration and summer fever, I'll start posting multiple times during the day. When I feel that I have matured enough to move onto just a steady flow of regular posts, I will give myself ONE BLOGGY STAR. I currently have zero.

You know what's pretty interesting though? I started this blog in sixth grade, and I have yet to stop. Beside my bloggy vacations I occasionally take. But I started one blog in sixth grade, which is different to the blog that I'm updating now. I'm sad that I deleted that first one, but I have my reasons.

So, expect to hear from me more often, not that you probably want to hear from me that often. And, due to lack of comments, I just might start commenting on my own posts, just so the number isn't 0 anymore.

CURRENT BLOGGY STARS : 0 <----- that's actually a zero. looks like an 'o' huh? As in letter 'o'


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