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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Troublesome Tuesday

Hello ninja/blog friends,

Today was an unwelcoming day back to school after the holiday yesterday. But, I got over it. It wasn't too big of a deal, just some project working and awkward lunch eating and basketball playing and video watching and poem reading. You know, the usual.

I'd rather not talk about too much drama. I'm trying to keep this post positive.

Anyways, I had a question. You know red onions, right? Well, I had salmon for dinner with rice and vegetables, and we always put out onions as a side treat. Red onions were on the menu this evening. However, the onions were most certainly more of a purple hue than a red. Go ahead. Look them up. They're purple.

I believe thirteen push ups yesterday. yay!

Anyone else see the season 5 premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8? It's so sad. It's completely obvious that they are not together anymore. Everything about it breaks my heart. I remember watching their show and seeing how close they were, and then the episode where they renewed their vows. And now, everything between them seems to have crumbled. I truly feel so strongly about their situation and I wish I could do something. I feel so pathetic for caring so much. But I truly do.

So much for keeping this post positive.

I'm trying to add a post it note widget on the sidebar, so ninja friends can leave little messages.


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chattypatra said...

I hear you about Jon and Kate. Don't you think Reality Shows kill the love between couples? Look at what happened to Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey! I wish they would stop doing the show and work hard to love each other again. She had said that the financial perks of doing the show were many and I can see that it would be very difficult to raise so many children now with all the problems with the economy. BUT, I think their children would rather have them forgive each other and stay together than have lots of stuff. It IS very sad to watch!