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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hi there. I tried posting Friday night, but the mean blogger website was looping and simply refused to redirect me. Being stupid little me, it didn't occur to me to write down what I was going to post. I had some pretty big news to post, I think. So, maybe I'll just write a summary of my life starting with Friday.


Beach trip was seriously awesome. I absolutely loved it. But I'm officially on the angry side regarding Z. He would literally speed away as fast as his feet would let him without bursting into a full sprint if I was within twenty feet of him. Why can't we just be mature about this?!


I went to one of my best friend's younger sister's belated birthday party. It was a formal tea party. Everyone wore dresses and we painted nails and fixed hair and PINKIES UP and watched movies and it was just a very cute girl's party. I love the littles ones; they were all so funny and friendly. And they get really attatched. The only thing that was horrible was that AMS couldn't come. RC and I missed her so much and thought of her! I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS AMS. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! <3>

I am seriously confused. I need some enlightenment while I'm in my vulnerable stage. AMS, you got a facebook, right? Nothing wrong with that, but now the site it haunting me. SO many times in that past have I had multiple friends tell me to get a myspace, which I still believe is morally incorrect and dangerous. If you have not met me, you don't understand. I am really freaked out about that kind of thing, which is why I got a blog, so I don't have to post pictures and blah. I believe I have three or four friends with a facebook. And then I opened my e-mail which has always seemed to innocent to me. And then.... I got an e-mail from my aunt asking me to join. MY AUNT. SHE EVEN POSTED A PICTURE!!! HELLLOOO! If you knew her, you would be very shocked about this. And it's a picture with her reaching her arm across her body to place it on her shoulder. I was like... umm... this is weird.

And then I fell into a parallel universe of confusion. Should I get one? I'm going to need major convincing to get one, though. Really. Please leave comments stating pros and cons about joining. I must consult all friends and take a survey of opinions. Yeah, I'm that paranoid.

And, I promised pictures, so here are pictures. Please don't laugh at my pathetic drawings. Believe, I know they suck. I have more, but this is all for today.


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5 comments: said...

ok... myspace or facebook. i have both..i got so bored of it i never even bother to update it..

just stick with blogger. =]

by the way ur drawings are so cool.
keep it up.
cheers and have a great day ellie girl.


ams said...

yes, i do have a facebook. i just got one, so it's all still very exciting to me. i have been able to keep in touch with people i normally would not keep in touch with. (they're great people, but i wouldn't go out of my way to talk to them in person, u know what i mean?) so, yeah. i'm enjoying it. but there's NO WAY i'm EVER getting a myspace.

and thank you for thinking of me. i miss you so much! i feel horrible for canceling, but you'll be happy to know that i got all of my school work done! so, that was important! i even got to practice for my audition. i still wish i could see you! I LOVE YOU TOO!!

nice drawings by the way! hehe.

(sorry for the incredibly long comment)

rachelgee said...

hmmmmm i love both myspace and facebook
but i have to admit facebook is better at first i didnt like it but now i do!
i miss ya AMS but we gotta hang out soon you busy this saturday roxie?
maybe the mall
anywho that was stupid how Z kept on leaving the second you came over but whatever hes a lamo and he will get over it (DOT DOT DOT) eventually.
hahaha crazy kids at my sister's party lol remember when hannah was like drunk[: good times.
i like your pictures the only thing that concerns me is... why do they have conversations? are you seriously THAT bored??? anyways their adorable love you RGC<3

Karma Queen said...


Anonymous said...

did that one speech bubble that got cut off say follicle??? lol Is the pic of "wanna be friends? No." Z perhaps?? *rolls eyes* OMG the beach trip was insane! Z OMG WTH??? but otherwise it was very fun! :)