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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, today pretty much was down the toilet-o.

Adam did not win and I was sad and I teared up and there you go. But you know what? He's going to end up more successful. Remember Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee? Katherine totally should have won, but Taylor did. Where is Taylor now? EXACTLY.

My family was broken into this huge fight that was pretty bad, I'm keeping that personal. But it's just depressing going into a home that has doom clouds casting a shadow all over it.

And I had to run in physical education. That is not okay with me. Not okay, I say. Running needs to go away and poof into nothing. But I don't care about running, I just truly wish I was flexible. JG, can i have your flexibility in exchange for my bubbles? I'll need it for dance.

Just like MB says,



Learn Live Hope


rachelgee said...

what happened with your family?
you can live with me but my family probally isnt that much better if its better at all.

Karma Queen said...

message me about it.

chattypatra said...

Sorry about your family troubles. I have two selfish, evil siblings myself and they have been pretty horrible to me and my father (search for the Nov./Dec. 2007 posts on my blog if you want). It sucks, but you'll survive. I guarantee it.

Hope today is a much better day!

Anonymous said...

It depends...what exactly are your bubbles? XD


Delaney said...

Hi, Its me, Delaney. How come you don't like running? I have been in track and cross country and I mean, yeah its hard. But now think, what isn't hard? Besides doing something you like? Yeah man, I'm deep. . . . . no, not really.

Anonymous said...

aw...u dont have to tell me what happened if u dont want to. sorry. u know that we agree that running is terrible. EWW!! u can live with me too! Glad ta have ya!


Karma Queen said...

i have awesome friends. delaney, running is bad. that's all there is too it.