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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Satisfactory Saturday

Actually, it's going to be Sunday in about half an hour. I was working on a few school assignments, but I decided to take a break. So, here I am. On my break.

Z sent me this really long, heartfelt letter of apology and touchyness, but I'm not going to go into that since I'd like to remain happy. Special ninja friends, you may contact me separately if you want to know more.

Today was a rather ordinary day. No special perks, like I would have hoped for. However, I did get this really cute dress and a pastel pink tank top. That's definitely a plus.

My braces have been really hurting lately. They're getting caught on the inside of my mouth in the way back. And then I have to do this weird maneuver with my cheek that involves blowing it up like a balloon until the metal sticking into my mouth releases its clutches. Talk about a run on sentence.

As the days left of school dwindles down into nearly nothing, the summer fever is starting to catch on. I'm ridiculously giddy at the thought of sleeping in, no homework, and hopefully no stress. On the other hand, I have a lot of preparing to do for next year. I'm taking summer classes to get ahead, along with taking this language class and dance. For dance, I'm going to prep myself by doing a full on work out routine every night. this includes stretching, the plank(look this move up), push ups, sit ups, and whatever else I happen to think up. So far, I did 5 flawless push ups the first night, 6 the second, and 11 yesterday. Sounds like improvement to me. But hey, I'm weak. I'd rather start small and amount up to a big amount of YES than start out big and end up with a large amount of NOT SO MUCH. You know?

My break must come to an end, for work refuses to do itself, unfortunately. I shall leave you now and revisit tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.


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Anonymous said...

man! i can do any push-ups! :( good job and congrats!!