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Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Madness

Well, no new spicy stuff that I can comfortable post. JAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJA. Secret shout out.

Anyways, back to normal school schedule, which is truly unfortunate. I just a delicious supper of grilled salmon with rice and broccoli. And of course watermelon afterwards. You know what they say, it cleans your pallet, whatever that is.

Earlier this afternoon, I had a dance audition for my new school, and I'm really hoping I get in. I won't know until 20 something more days!!! AGH! That's going to drive me nuts.

Hmm.... I hate science? I guess that's something interesting to say. I'm really not in the mood for discussing much. Most likely because I have nothing much to say. Well, I love Jason Mraz(that's a given to all of my friends), and The Bachelorette is on tonight for the two hour season premiere. Yes, I will be tuning in on that. Yes, I am lame like that.

As for Z, I'm pretty sure everything is on the right tracks. Now, to figure out what I'd like to do with my life. :)

Best wishes for the day before hump day.


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chattypatra said...

Actually, your playlist made me stop and truly listen to Jason Mraz's music, so I have to thank you for having such great taste in music!

I've always been intrigued by science, but a person needs to be very, very focused in order to do great things with it, and I am more of a bohemian artist. You know, I sit down and write songs so, even though I had A's in science, I could have never worked in a lab full time. AAAAGGGHHHH! I do admire them very much, though.

Anyway, cleansing the palate is usually done with a lemon sorbet or something similar so that the tongue can be ready for a very different flavor that is coming with the next dish served. It's a clever, hoity toity trick. :)

Did you hear that SYTYCD is going to have a Fall Season this year? I can't believe I get to watch in the Summer AND then again. YES!

I'll be praying for your audition to go very, very well. BTW, that dancing milk carton still makes my day every time I see it! :)