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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Soup Of The Day

Good afternoon my flowers(when I went do D.C., the awesome bus driver referred to us as his flowers; it was so cute)!

Before any gets too excited, this post has nothing to do with soup. Really...Yeah... I guess... You know what really bothers me!??!?!? ... [dot dot dot] I hate that. We need to expand the language of punctuation. CR knows what I mean.

AMS, I'm going to throw you through a loop here, so I apologize. I'm going to refer to people by their backwards initials. I'm hoping that it will ease your strain when it comes to trying to figure out who everybody is. Anyways, feel free to check back at the e-mail I sent you yesterday, because I'll still be using those. Let me know in comments whether you would prefer correct order intials(same with you RMSians, you know who you are, anyone who is not AMS).

Star testing(english part 2, math part 1) was very lemon squeezey. Not challenging. But then again, that was only part 1. Part 2 still lurks in the shadows of the test booklet.

KA and DM came to talk with me for a little bit before star testing. DM told me that DZ had been counting the minutes since I cut the cord. Wow. Way to pile on the guilt even more. But really...(UGH. STUPID DOT DOT DOT), what am I supposed to do. Tell me. Right now. This problem doesn't seem to be going away.

I believe everybody knows who everybody else likes, but I wouldn't going talking about it because that will just create and even more awkward situation. BC probably is jealous of GH, but you know what? We can't help it if KA likes GH. I'm happy for her, but KA told me he probably won't do anything.

DM(not SM, like RMS friends might think, this guy doesn't eat with us) still won't do anything about who he likes because he's following DZ's example by keeping his mouth shut. I said M, do not follow that example. Just take a look at what happened. You'll never know until you give it a shot. I think you have a chance. M is really sweet and humble. And then M told me how it would hurt more knowing that she had rejected him. I shut my mouth. Not my place, but it's nice to know he trusts me with that kind of thing.

Did not see any trace of DZ(that I can remember) today. We didn't eat lunch at school (half day dismissal), so we couldn't discuss the usual scandals like we always do. And creepy truth or dare questions. Man, FN. Scary scary.

Alas, I can see I am perpetually boring you. Can't wait to go to beach. I'll keep everyone posted, like I always say.

Until then, my flowers.

~karma queen

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ams said...

i promise to never [dot dot dot] again. you are aboslutely right!
my apologies miss ellie!


Karma Queen said...

haha. you, of course, are not the reason. but all z does anymore is yeah... uh huh... okay... really... and it just really bugs me.

Anonymous said...

why cant i figure out who DM is??? am i just missing it?? :(

gah im still confused...o yeah forgot to say..I KNEW IT BC I KNEW IT!!!!!!!! she really? so unfair!! *grumble grumble*

~GH :)

p.s. sry im reading so late