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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scrumptious Sunday

I haven't been doing such a spectacular job keeping up with this blog. But nobody's perfect.

Something really exciting happened to me yesterday. As you may or may not(probably not) know, I have a laptop in my room that is not truly a "laptop". For some reason, it won't connect to the internet(which is what I need the most) when it is disconnected from the power cable. So, it is incapable of going mobile. Therefore, it is basically a regular desktop computer, which is extremely inconvenient for me. Well, my Mum rebooted everything and restarted the whole system i hopes that maybe the orange light that indicated not connection would magically morph into green, which translates into internet connection. Just as she had expected, it worked afterwards. However, the light turned orange the first time I tried to remove it from the power cable. My excitement vanished in about five minutes. Sad, is it not? The light is currently orange, and I must keep it plugged into the power cable. I long for the days when I can safely take my laptop to my bed without losing internet connection. Oh, the things I long for.

On another note, Jon and Kate should get off the air. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the television series because the children are so adorable, but their family and marriage matters more to me than fame, which they have obviously chosen. I understand that it must be difficult for them to raise the eight kids, financially, but is it truly worth their happiness? The family used to be inseparable, and now... I don't know. If anyone saw the Season 5 premiere(admit, I planned my whole evening accordingly), there was this one scene at the children's birthday party where one of the younger girls told Jon that they didn't want him to leave anymore. Daddy, I don't want you to leave anymore. Isn't that heartbreaking? And apparently Aunt Jodi has had the kids personally tell her that they do not like the cameras being with them all the time and on their multiple vacations. These children have grown up with the cameras and spotlights since they were born, and I feel that it is tragic to see their family break apart because of shallow rumors. JOIN THE FIGHT FOR JON AND KATE'S MARRIAGE AND FAMILY!

That concludes this blog post for today. :)


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87291472-Sharky said...

Hi Karma Queen. I've been missing for quite a while.... Thank you for ur comment :> I hope you get your lapchop sorted out.... Take care. Me

HG :) said...

lol lapchop. xD

im sorry about ur laptop that sucks! i totally agree with u about jon and kate tho. i really want them to go off the air even tho i dont really watch teh show often. unfortunately i think it might be too late for things to go back to normal. :(

AMS said...

they NEED to go off air. unfortunately, i heard that TLC purchased 40 episodes, so they need to keep filming. jon and kate both made poor choices, and it's ridiculous that their kids have to suffer with that for the sake of the show. they need to get off air. (but they can't)


hope all is well. SUMMER IS ALMOST NEAR!!


87291472-Sharky said...

Hi :>
Thank you ur sweet comment. And congratulations on ur photo being chosen! I've never had that experience. Um, I just use black card and a halogen desklamp that I manipulate until I get the lighting effect I like. Take care. Mex