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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh, Come on. Really Now.

Well, Z was trying to make everyone satisfied by trying to be happy. I was so convinced earlier today that he had finally started moving on. However, he is just acting happy. I am on a dangerously thin line between quite annoyed and extremely angry. Look, I'm trying not to be harsh, but I don't understand how is mind works. I've asked him not to lie about his happiness, like he has before, and I'm getting so tired of this. I'm losing my respect for him.

I'm not too much in the mood for talking today.

To answer the comment, no I have not seen the movie yet. I'll post when I do.

I realize I promised you doodles of my own creation, but this is not the day. I'll keep composure at school, and things start to sink in at home.

On the upside(sorry to steal your ending there, Kellan. I vow that it will not occur on my blog again), I'll be going to the beach tomorrow.

Guess what certain person mentioned in this post in the first paragraph is going, too?


A bit peeved,

Karma Queen

Happy Thursday, I guess.


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rachelgee said...

wow hes such a stupid.
and here i was thinking that talking to may have helped......
well i was wrong and hes wrong to be taking this as harshly as he is. whatever
sorry that hes such a buttface sometimes.
love you my karma queen roxie[;

ams said...

awww. i'm sorry miss ellie.
he NEEDS to move on. how can he not catch on to the idea that he needs to change and not pretend to be happy. i'm sorry and i hope that somehow, miraculously, he changes.

(notice no dot dot dot in this comment!)

Anonymous said...

oh z