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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday

The first day of testing was not bad at all. Just a bit boring and monotonous, but nothing challenging. The day we get to science is the day where the world fails for me. In other words, I seriously hate science. Don't even get me started on that. It is the one school subject where I honestly feel so "not very smart"(i didn't want to say s-t-u-p-i-d).

I'm currently reading The Luxe. Very entertaining. I love books with the whole scandalous pretty girls going to balls and getting married and going to Tiffany's and riding in carraiges, and all that. Definitely a good read.

Star Trek is apparently a really good movie. Any of my friends want to go see that? I'll set up a date. Maybe.

I'm going to the beach this Friday!!!! I'm so excited! The sound of the ocean waves makes all my worries seemingly melt away. And although I'll have to eventually return back to reality, it's always nice, even for a little while.

And now for the drama to keep AMS updated:

Z kinda avoids me like the plague, but still texts saying sorry. My friend M told me he loves a girl but doesn't want to do anything about it because he doesn't want to end up like Z. It is all out of the bag that A likes H, and H is just feeling awkward about it. N likes J of course, but J doesn't return the feelings. I believe M2 and A2 like each other, and watching them is rather cute. But drama keeps the world spinning. I feel like that Gossip Girl book. They always update the latest drama by using initials.

Love Always,


rachelgee said...

hey.... person?!!
am i allowed to call you by your real name in the interwebs??
i hope so because i almost just did
i heart AMS
btw who's N??
im very confused but other than that i know the rest...
i didnt know that H knew or that it was fer sure that A likes H in the first place
so strange
and on that topic... C is jelous of H because A likes H!!
how scandalous???????!
i know!
anyways fer some reason i created a blog... its kinda for me but i just wrote about Z and T :D
sooooo ill un-block it and heres the link:
(AMS you can check it out too my dear<3)

AMS said...

wow...that's very complicated. and is N a person i know, because if so...ewww. i'm so sorry about Z and i'm sorry for H and J. Tell them i say howdy also! can't wait to see you! (whenever that may be.)


rachelgee said...

wow... still i am confused who N is.... seriously, im trying to think of all my friends. wow thats pitiful huh?
^^ did you see the "......" 's?
guess who im being???!

Karma Queen said...

haha!!!!! ...... i get i get. omg. really? n is mister smart.

rachelgee said...

oooh okay! i get it now.... but who's DM now??
isnt he like... SM?
damn, just when i thought i was getting the hang of it!

Karma Queen said...

dm doesn't eat lunch with us. he's friends with the nerd group(don't get me wrong, the nerds are awesome and i am one of them, but what else do i call them), and he's in my history class, but he isn't part of our main group. he's different from ms. you know, im using regular intials. oh. well.

Karma Queen said...
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Anonymous said...