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Friday, May 22, 2009

Freaky Friday

I had an okay day. Definitely better then yesterday, though. I saw The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button today. It was brilliant. Whoever devised such an intricate plot is truly a genius. I sat there in awe, despite the fact that I fell asleep three times. I was just really tired. Otherwise, it was amazing, and now I understand why it was nominated for so many awards. The young Benjamin was absolutely adorable, even though he was as shriveled as a prune. But he is a darn cute prune. Let me tell you that. And when he grew younger, he become such a handsome and wonderful person. I wish I could meet Mr. Button. Too bad that's never going to happen. It was heartbreaking to watch him grow young until his death came to him as an infant. Tear-jerker at the end. I would recommend that to anyone looking for a little something-something.

Z is trying to be friends with me, but I seriously don't think I can do that. He's throwing me through a loop here. I don't know if I want to be friends with someone who can't seem to accept the fact that we're "friends". He keeps complimenting me and talking to me online like something more than friends, even though I've told him multiple times to stop. I feel like I'm getting no respect for him. I know I've been a jerk to him, but I'm finished with trying to make him feel better. I say this a lot, but he never seems to get it. When he told me I was killing him, I said fine, good bye. and logged off. fine. if i'm killing him then fine. I can't stand him right now.

Well, that kind of murders the mood for anything happy in this post. So, I'll just leave everyone to wallow in self pity at this point.


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ams said...

yeah...i've noticed how he's complimenting you a lot online. this is all a strange situation. you should just be done with him. you gave him the chance to be friends, he didn't accept it, you moved on, and now he's trying to be your friend? that situation is all very wrong and twisted. what confuses me is why he doesn't get the message after you've talked to him a billion times about this. i'm sorry i'm not much help. but those are my feelings, even though i'm not there.

love you!

Karma Queen said...

i know i know! does he not have ears?!?!?!?! everything about this whole situation has been absolutely driving me nuts. I'm at the apple store and these obnoxious girls are all on facebook across the aisle. it's like they want everyone to see their butts with their short shorts. my goodness, PUT ON SOME PANTS LADIES. anyways. yeah. i know, no clue what to do with him anymore. hmmm...... how was mall? funola?!

ams said...

yes!! the mall was fun!! i REFUSE to put slutty pictures on facebook. REFUSE. hes being creepy to me on facebook. ive met him once. ONCE!! but i bet its a worse situation for you. im so sorry!!

nasha said...

love Mr. Button too...:)

rachelgee said...

lol i know hes creepy.
when did he say that your "killing" him? thats scary.

Karma Queen said...

on chat thing. i'm just too painful to talk to.