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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mothers do so much for us already. They deserve more than just one day a year dedicated to them. Mothers should get one a month! But then everyone would have to spend all that time coming up with last minute gifts. I always make gifts, because no matter what age a child is, a mothers always melts when they are given something homemade.

Tomorrow is the first day for Start Testing at my school. Not excited about that at all. But then again, who ever is excited for exams?

And just so everyone knows, I don't mind if you ignore me. I enjoy blogging even if no one reads my posts. Not sarcasm, I really do enjoy blogging. Although it would be nice to hear a little peep from someone out there every once in a while.

If anyone ever sees Star Trek, let me know how that is. I've heard good things. But you know good things. They aren't necessarily true. And now I'm rambling. Well, I will speak to myself again tomorrow!



Love Always,


Anonymous said...

hey ellie! it's amy...just checkin in and saying howdy!! ughh...testing tomorrow, but then again, we have to get through this to enjoy all of the end of the year fun! we should get together soon, i haven't seen you in forever!


monkeylover said...

i saw star trek friday night
it was turly amazing[:
didnt think i would like it but i loved it!
love youu<3

Anonymous said...