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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There is a reason why I titled this post chicken. For lunch, I had a crispy chicken snack wrap. Just about twenty minutes ago. It was the very first thing that came to my mind.

Day three of star testing- math part 2 and science part 1 and 2. Oh, how I detest science. Oh, how I loathe the science of of scienceosity. However, the difficulty level was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Tomorrow is our very last day of the exams. I must admit that the time spent in that prison-cell-of-a-classroom flew by.

I've been drawing some random, pathetic doodles. I'll post them next time. Prepare for a world of failure. I was not born an artist. I'll leave that up to JG. :)


Sorry to disappoint, but I have no new scandals to report. As you already know(or should know), testing leaves no time for dilly dally with the gang. I need to vary my cultural vocabulary.

I'd like to be more interactive with my readers, despite the fact that they have dwindled down to about three. But I won't let that stop me! I'll brush it off like that unwanted fuzz on a freshly-laundered sweater.

Here is the magic, merry, mysterious, melancholy, malicious question of the day:

What is one task on your bucket list?
My answer: You know how one person will clap during some sort of performance, and then everyone else seems to fill in the space by clapping to? Before you realize it, the whole room is clapping and cheering and whoop-whooping. I would like to be that one person to start a clap-around. I have many more bucket list ideas(I have an updated list on my phone), but I shall keep to a minimum.

Your job is to answer that question on the comments.

Also, it's national volunteer week so get out there and help your community because you'll feel like a million bucks afterwards.

Have a wonderful Hump Day, my very besties.

And oh yes, today is amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing Robert Pattinson's 23rd birthday. Wish him a superb b-day by reading the post on his fansite here :

PLHH(peace, love, happiness, harmony),
Ellie, your very own Karma Queen.

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4 comments: said...

hei ellie girl how's it goin. i just had... KFC Fried Chicken Wings.. when i decided to check on your post. what a coincidence. =]


keep blogging.


nasha said...

hi ellie,
have you watched xmen yet?...its not that scary...:)

Tandice said...

Answer to the question: to be the first to quit giving second chances where they are not needed. Good luck with your clap around! I'm still a reader even if I don't comment.

Anonymous said...