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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silly Kitty

Well, the cat escaped from the house today. I received a very frustrated phone call from the father while the mother and I were at the groceries.

"Are you almost home? The cat got away and I tried to kill him with a broom".

"Ah, yes Dad, I'll be right here. Don't touch him."

"Don't worry, can't find him anymore."

Silly Kitty.

He just wanted to get a little fresh air. I found him hanging in the trees outside our front yard, and all I had to do was reach up and snatch him. For the following two, maybe three hours, he moped around the house meowing and whining to get back out again. Later, we found him here... Inside the dryer.

Once more, all together now, silly kitty.

Also, check out the corn I'm growing in my backyard! It started as a biology project, and I decided to take it home. Here is the first sign of it real corn actually sprouting from the tangle of green leaves it has been for over a month.
Hope you are all doing well, and I'll be back tomorrow! Have a great Monday!

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