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Friday, July 16, 2010

SHyeah much?

Happily riding solo :)
(no more on that subject, 'tis all good)

Today is my mommy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY, I LOVE YOU! I made and put together a plethora of presents for her! A scrapbook. Two picture frames. Four of her favorite hair clips(jewels and sparkles!!). Favorite lotion(Gardener's Therapy via Crabtree and Evelyn). Cute purse that she loves. Bracelet with her name engraved. Her favorite chocolate. And there might be more, but I'm not in the mood to think about it anymore.

It's probably the weather. No, it's definitely the weather. The humidity has gotten INSANE, and all of the sudden the heat bumped up ten to fifteen degrees everyday. Soon we'll be in triple digits. Which I don't mind, I love the heat. But it's the unbearable moisture in the air that gets to me. My friends, Holly, Julie, Amy, and Jingyi and I were hanging out in the park when I started to freak because the humidity was so torturous. Almost feels like I'm slowly suffocating. :/

Guitar updates: Blisters are wearing down, and I have become increasingly more tolerant of the pain. Learning Somewhere Over the Rainbow Hawaiian style by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. <--say that three times fast?! Such a beautiful song, check it out here:
My goal is to hopefully have it perfected by the end of summer and perhaps perform it sometime during the year during either choir or talent show...?

Have I updated you on our choir's status? Well, our "Save Choir" group on facebook currently has 73 members, so the word is starting to spread! But if I'm not mistaking(or mistaken), we only have a few more weeks before the verdict. But honestly, it would kill me to see this program go down in ashes. Being a part of the choir was the best experience and part of my freshie year at high school. Means the world to think that I might not have it next year.

Copy of the letter our director sent us, with all names and private info taken out:
Dear parents and students, I feel at this time it is important to communicate the current situation at a (school) and the choral department as it stands since the last day of school. The Principal has eliminated 3 of my 5 classes, leaving us a Concert Choir and Show Choir. The three classes eliminated are Music Theory with 29 students Chamber Singers with 30 and Music Appreciation, which had 31 students in it last year. His argument has been that our numbers are too low and that we have too many students in the choirs in the day taking Chamber Singers at night. I do have July to combat this situation so I have implemented the following. I have put a notice in the July Band News Letter that auditions are open for band students to join Chamber without being in one of the other groups. I hope to get 10 new students that way. Even though the numbers are good in Concert Choir of 40 and Show Choir of 27, the choir department has a list of 15 students that were interested in taking choir but did not add the class. If we can get another 10 students that way as well, I believe the Principal will have the numbers to reinstate the classes. There is some work to do this summer and if you have any suggestions to help, I would appreciate any ideas to recruit. After meeting with the Principal and the Superintendent, they are encouraging me to look for work elsewhere, since the shortage in the budget shows them that my job is in risk.
My plan of action has been two-fold. I have been recruiting students to get the numbers up and job hunting in the Southern California area hoping that by mid August I will have two choices in front of me to chose from. And with a little help from everyone, I‘ll be able to stay at (school).
If you know any students that would like to join, they can contact me at my cell
(seven digits the world should not know) before August 1st.

Sigh. It's heartbreaking. :( Wish us luck please.

Yoga and ballet have really been helping with my fitness training this summer. I've been sore for the past few days, which means something is working! Our ballet routines and yoga postures work all the major muscles, and even the ones I didn't realize existed. Who knew O.o
So, I'm thrilled about that. And even better news? My family might be going to Hawaii this summer!!! YES HAVEN'T BEEN ON A REAL VACATION SOMEWHERE IN FOUR YEARS, i THINK?!YESSSS.

ALSO, sorry for the font size change, it happened when i copied and pasted the letter, and I'm far too lazy to switch it. So there you have it.
My week in a nutshell.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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